Get involved with Lumo SA’s Carbon Neutral Gas certified by Climate Active

Carbon Neutral Gas gives our South Australian customers the option to offset their carbon emissions from their natural gas usage.

Our opt-in Carbon Neutral Gas product is certified by Climate Active, so you’ll be doing your bit for the environment by helping to offset carbon emissions. Our opt-in Carbon Neutral Gas product is Climate Active certified which means we offset the emissions for your natural gas usage. Read the Public Disclosure Statement for our Carbon Neutral Gas product here.

Carbon Neutral gas is charged as an additional rate to your standard gas usage charges. To view our Carbon Neutral Gas charges, click here.

Under our opt-in Carbon Neutral Gas product, the emissions we offset from your natural gas usage do not extend to other services associated with your account, including those from third parties.

How our Carbon Neutral Gas product works

Our opt-in Carbon Neutral Gas product has been certified carbon neutral by Climate Active, a government-backed certification scheme for businesses, as the carbon emissions from your natural gas consumption are offset with Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs).

Carbon Neutral Product

By choosing our add-on Carbon Neutral Gas product, you’re able to offset the carbon emissions associated with your gas usage. Each ACCU represents a reduction or removal of one metric tonne of carbon dioxide equivalent from the atmosphere.