The easy way to pay your bills

Just imagine - no bill shock!

EvenPay® can provide a little certainty in these uncertain times with flexible payment options that put you in control. EvenPay® is a convenient payment plan that lets you make equal payments based on an estimate of your 12 month future energy use.*

Take control of your energy bill

No surprises or hidden fees. Know exactly what you’ll be paying with interest free installments.

The choice is yours

Schedule your payments and choose a payment frequency that suits you - weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Set and forget with Direct Debit

We review your payments every 6 months so you’ll never have to think about your bills again.

If EvenPay® sounds like the payment option for you, call us on 1300 115 866

How to set up EvenPay®

It’s quick and easy to set up, at no extra cost to you. You can choose whether your payments are made weekly, fortnightly or monthly and you will also continue to receive your pay on time discount if you’re on an eligible plan.

Step 1

Call our customer support team on 1300 115 866

Step 2

We will discuss your energy usage and review any existing bills.

Step 3

Then customise a payment amount and frequency that suits you.

If EvenPay® sounds like the payment option for you, call us on 1300 115 866

Some more facts about EvenPay®

The best time to set up EvenPay®

Setup EvenPay® when your latest bill has been paid and you have no outstanding amount owing.

Paying with Centrelink Benefits

You can link EvenPay® to your Centrelink benefits. If you need any extra support, we’re here to help. Find out about your options here.

You will still receive your electricity or gas bill

Your bills will still be sent out to you, but you don’t have to do a thing as EvenPay® will automatically deduct payments at your agreed payment frequency.

It’s ok if you're a little in debit or credit

Your bill may say you’re a little over or under the amount due. We will review your energy usage every 6 months and contact you if your EvenPay® arrangement needs to change.

When you move, you will need to setup EvenPay® again

If you move home, call us and we will assist you in setting up a new EvenPay® arrangement for your new property.

*EvenPay® is available to eligible Lumo Energy customers. Customers must have no debt at the time of signing up to EvenPay®. Full EvenPay® terms and conditions are available here. Red Energy Pty Ltd is the owner of the registered trademark EvenPay®. The Lumo Energy entities listed below are using the EvenPay®; trademark under licence from Red Energy Pty Ltd:

Lumo Energy Australia Pty Limited ABN 69 100 528 327
Lumo Energy (SA) Pty Limited ABN 60 114 356 697